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Frequently Asked Questions​

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  

How much is...?


The cost of a customized, special cake depends upon the size, flavor, filling, and decoration.  The smallest cake we offer serves 6-11 and is priced starting at $50.   We do require a minimum order of $250 for delivery.  Some orders require a minimum order ranging $800-1500 depending on seasonal dates and some locations. 


The industry standard is to offer a starting price per serving for tiered cakes.  The true cost of a tiered cake includes sales tax, delivery, and stand rental.  Tiered cakes are typically $8-15 per person including all fees.   An average wedding cake serves about 116 and is around $1200. 

Where are you located?

Currently operating under the SC Cottage Food Law. We are located in West Ashley just off Sam Rittenburg near the Ashley Landing/Cosgrove Publix.

How do I order some Delicious Desserts?


Please contact us either by phone 843-566-5442, by email or by using the contact form.  Once the details of your order are finalized, we will email a confirmation of your order.

How do I schedule a consultation?

A complimentary consultation, including tasting, is provided for cakes estimated to exceed $650

 Consultations are available by appointment only.   Please contact us to schedule your consultation.​

Do you provide desserts for special diets?

We are able to accommodate some allergy & dietary restrictions.  At this time, we do offer gluten free chocolate cake.  We also offer some naturally glueten free items like crustless cheesecake.  We do not offer  sugar free items.

Do you Deliver?

Delivery is available throughout South Carolina for orders exceeding $250.  Fees are based on mileage and any set-up labor required.  

Do you ship?

We can pack cookies and some desserts for shipment.  Cookies are especially popular for holiday shipment.  We are currently unable to ship cakes.  Delivery is available.

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