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Easter Mini Cakes

Y'all I'm not gonna lie. I used to really, really not like making these little cakes. Small cakes are not easy. I'm going to show you how to make these easier.

I start by baking an 11 x 15 sheet cake. I torte this to 3/4" tall and use a 3" circle cutter for perfect little layers.

Coconut cream cake is one of our favorites this time of year. A pastry bag fitted with the large circle tip makes filling these a bit easier. When you have it all stacked up, pop these in the freezer for a bit. I know! I usually preach not to freeze. We just want to get these nice and cold so they are easier to frost.

Add a thin layer of crumb coat (not shown) and chill again. Use a 1D to easily add the frosting to the side. Final frost. For this guy, I don't worry about being perfect. He gets an error hiding layer of fresh coconut.

Yes, I know I am making this look easier than it is. I do normally use a cake board under all cakes. This one will move around so instead I place it directly on the turntable.

To make the ears, I first print a template. I never get this right on the first try so I have learned to fill the page with a few sizes. Once the cake is filled, I can pick the right size. I pick one that is a bit longer than I want because we are going to wrap the ends around toothpicks.

I roll the gum paste and trace the template to cut. Hold the toothpick in place. Use either some edible glue or a dap of water where the toothpick will be. Gently pull the sides up and pinch around the toothpick. These need to dry. I like to bend the shape a bit to show some movement. Use paper towels to achieve the curves or bends you want.

Gum paste is tricky. It will look dry but still be a bit soft. If you move it in this stage, it will crack and break. Be sure to let it completely dry.

For the inside of the ears, I trim the inside part of the template. Roll fondant and trim. Add to the ear using a dab or water or edible glue. When I add these, I start at the top and pull to the bottom. Use a tool to add the pink into the crease and trim.

Just like with the ears, I print a variety of templates for the eyes. This is both the one for the chick and for the bunny.

Starting with the longest lash, I roll fondant to the shape and size of the template. Then, add the second lash. Repeat for the opposite side.

Before adding these to the cake, brush off a bit of the coconut. Paint with luster dust.

For the pink bunny, I simply colored the coconut. I really thought this was going to be harder than it was. I poured coconut into a ziploc and add some pink color. Toss in the bag and wiggle a bit. That was it. At first, it was too dark. I added some more coconut and it was great.

I have several to make, so I made all the eyes in advance. This gives them a bit to dry as well. They are much easier to place when they dry enough to mostly keep shape.

For the nose I start with one round ball of fondant and cut it as evenly as you can. I do this instead of making separate balls. I have a better chance of getting them even. Squeeze together and place on the cake.

I use another small ball and shape it into a triangle. Add that right on top of the other 2.

Bunnies! Which one do you prefer? I love them both! Of course, you can make these in a variety of colors.

For the chick, I embossed the buttercream cake. The cake needs to be cold to do this without smudge. I hold the template and trace with toothpick or vein tool.

I shape a piece of fondant for the beak and gently place it on the cake.

Using a 121 tip, I add the little rosettes. I start over the one eye then the next so the larger rosette can be on top and in the middle. Build a few other rosettes then use the 129, drop flower, tip to add a few flowers.

For this last little cake, I added a coconut nest. I piped a little ring and added the coconut, and added Cadbury mini eggs in the middle.

Aren't they sweet! Which is your favorite?

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Mar 31, 2021

So cute 🐰

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