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Consulting with a Cake Artist

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The Consultation is truly one of my favorite parts of being a cake artist. It's where relationships are born and cake is created. This is where I get to introduce myself, my cake, and my designs as I learn more about my clients and what they would like in a cake. It all starts with a blank slate.

I specifically designed the consultation room to be crisp and clean without the distractions of colors or patterns. You'll notice that there are no photos or decor near the foam displays. I want to be able to contemplate the shape of a cake without any distractions.

I start by getting to know my clients and their vision for the event.

Almost anything can be used for inspiration...

I've designed cakes based on invitations, gowns, jewelry, linens, and just about everything. One sweet bride wanted mixtures of golds and silvers and happen to love the napkins. It translated beautifully to a lovely wedding cake.

When designing, I consider not only the couples personality and wedding colors and theme but also the venue. I try to consider the height of ceilings, the carpets and drapes, and anything else that may distract or compliment the cake design.

Together, we come up with the shape of the cake that will be a delicious dessert for your guests and a design that will compliment the decor and personal aesthetics of the lovely couple.

Once I have an idea, I'll draw a quick sketch.

Sometimes these sketches are rough. They are really meant to introduce the idea of what I have in mind. This is a final sketch which I sent once the design was finalized.

And, of course, there will be Cake!

Most often, samples will include: White Vanilla, Lemon, Yellow Almond, Devil's Food, & Red Velvet as well as Raspberry Compote, Chocolate Ganache, & Salted Caramel Ganache

These samples are meant to offer an example of the quality ingredients and my skill as a baker. I recommend ordering small cakes of specific flavor requests.

By the end of the consultation, guests will have a good idea of who I am including my expertise, dedication, and commitment. They will also have a general (if not specific) idea of the cost of their custom cake design. Sometimes, the decision is an easy one. Sometimes, there are many factors to consider. Here, there is no pressure. In fact, almost every consultation ends with a hug. We've learned about each other. And, even if I am not the cake artist a couple chooses, they have taken the time to offer me the opportunity. I truly appreciate that time. More times than not, it is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

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