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Mentoring for Success

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

What if your life could change in an hour. It can. What if you could learn from all the mistakes someone else made? You can. What if you could really, truly build a successful business and earn a living while enjoying your work? You can.

I have spent a lifetime learning business and marketing and this has allowed me to build a successful wedding cake business in a very tough market. I have made mistakes and I have faced challenges. Now, I am willing to share it with you. You have the opportunity to streamline 30 years of knowledge and avoid the mistakes so many make as you build your own truly successful and profitable business.

Dedicated and Personalized

You are a unique person and the business that you build will be an extension of who you are. The mentoring sessions are tailored specifically to you and where you are right now. This means each growth session is unique. We employ a simple pay as you go system that allows flexibility in scheduling your one hour mentoring sessions. Each session we build on the progress and bring you one step closer to realizing your dream.

Worth the Investment

We begin with the initial and crucial consultation which is dedicated to assessing your goals and needs. The investment for this session is $150.In return, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to build a successful business. Start today. Build your dream!

I know the idea of pay as you go sounds both great and scary. Some clients really only need that first consultation. Most clients find they need 8-12 sessions. While $120 sounds like a lot of money, remember that the information you gain is specific to you. These aren't generalized business concepts. This is very specific guidance just for you and the path you need to take to be successful. Does $1200 really sound like too much for insight and direction to help you achieve your dream? The flexibility of this plan also allows the ability to grow at your own pace, when you are ready.

The knowledge you gain

Because each session is personalized it is hard to say, right now, what you will need. The most popular topics include:

Defining who you are as a business person and the right business for you

Identifying your target client and how to reach them

Effective & professional communication with clients and vendors

Learning your costs and profitable pricing

Knowing your strengths and how to overcome your challenges

Creating and enforcing policies and contracts

Wherever you are now, whatever your goal, and whatever your path, I promise you that I am going to provide you the tools you need and help you grow.

Start Today! Build your business!

Delaney Cowan 843-566-5442

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