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Mentoring Pricing Edition

Pricing is tricky and absolutely essential for a successful business. We work so hard and dedicate so much to our business and craft. It’s absolutely devastating to dedicate so much and discover the price you quoted either didn’t pay you a fair wage or worse cost you money to produce. You should be rewarded, financially, for your time and your art. You deserve profitable pricing.

This series of mentoring sessions includes an excel spreadsheet as well as a training course of how to use it. You will receive a document that helps calculate the costs of all your recipes. It will help you create your own personalized pricing system. I will be here to answer any questions you have and support you as you learn to confidently price for profit.

The investment for this 2 session pricing package is $250. This includes the excel spreadsheet and a complete guide to using it.

These spreadsheets will last you a lifetime and ensure all your hard work and creativity are profitable.

Start Today! Confidently price your work for profit.

Delaney Cowan 843-566-5442

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