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Staying Calm and Baking On

The Coronavirus has taken us all a bit by surprise. I've been a part of the Charleston wedding industry for many years. In some ways, our hurricane season has prepared me. We know what it is like to watch search the news of just how serious the situation is becoming and how much (or little) we need to prepare. We know the anxiety and emotion built into the pending cancellations and postponements. As always, the motto is stay calm and make the most.

As of today, the schools are closed. Just like those hurricane days, I've learned to make the most of these moments. I put on my brave face and a clean apron, and get ready to make the most of our situation. I know I am responsible for my family's morale. In the coming days, I'll be responsible for my child's education. I'm responsible for the nourishment of our body and our minds.

My son, Jacob, was only about a year when I started this company. I quickly learned how to juggle caring for him and educating him while fulfilling my commitments to my clients. I've learned a few tricks. There is so much we can teach our children while baking. We can teach Math and Science and even Social Studies. I'll share some of my favorite projects as together we all remain calm and bake on.

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